Almost everyday I have a cup of tea, whether it’s green, fruity, or black. The moment I pour the hot water into my pot, I am comforted by the fragrant aroma of the tea leaves as they steep and linger in the heat. After I patiently wait for what seem like hours, I pour my tea into my favourite mug while the steam brushes my chin and at times, even fogs up my glasses (a nerdy image I can’t seem to get rid of).

I admit that I am what you would call a tea snob. I refuse to drink ‘tea bag tea’. The leaves have gone stale and all that remains is usually the dull aftertaste of paper. I also often find myself clumsily dropping the string into my cup, which then means that I will scald my fingers as I fish it out. A little dramatic? Maybe. But I think you know what I mean.

Thursdays are my early days. I wake up to an alarm clock, well before the sun is up. You’ll laugh when I tell you what time this actually is because it’s likely to be a time that most people with real jobs wake up at. But as a student, I have the advantage of being able to sleep in and wake up based on the rhythm of my body and not my alarm. And like clockwork, I get up and automatically turn on my hair straightener and my kettle. My straightener because my ‘new’ (it’s been over a month) haircut is more temperamental than it use to be so I often wake up resembling someone who’s been lost out at sea. My kettle because, like usual, I need my tea.

So for tonight, I thought it was fitting to share my favourite teas and a few tea ‘things’ that I want to indulge in.

I typically buy my tea at The Urban Tea Merchant. It’s not cheap, but I assure you it’s worth it. They also like to give you a generous sample with your purchase. For green teas, I love Les 3 Empires that has a very fruity and light fragrant and taste. For black teas, I recommend the Irish Morning that has the orange pekoe flavour characteristic of breakfast teas but with a milder undertone than say, the English Breakfast. For rooibos teas, I recommend the Crème Caramel, which has a sweet and warm flavour and is excellent cold.

Right now I’m using a black version of the teapot below that I received as a gift, but right now, my favourite colour is green so I want to eventually buy this one. I’m not a huge fan of teacups and saucers (I like my mugs), but I think the green ikat one below is a sweet and modern twist on the traditional floral design.

[Teapot from David’s Tea and the Ikat Cup and Saucer are from Anthropologie.]