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So far, this weekend’s been very busy which is why there’s been a lack of posts (sorry!). It’s been nice having the long Easter weekend to enjoy a justified moment away from work and enjoy the company of my husband and friends. (I also finally had the chance to do some shopping, which I may write a post about this week!) This one will be brief, but I wanted to share some art that have inspired me recently. I’ve been painting a lot lately (I tweeted a couple of images of some of my paintings) so I’ve been on the hunt for inspiration.

I’ve been really interested in looking for different ways to explore colour. I think the best inspiration is food and nature but aside from that, I’ve turned to the brilliant work of other artists. The first set of images are Alberto Seveso‘s latest series of photographs of ink droplets dispersing in water. I love how the ink actually resembles the movement of a delicate silk scarf. The second set are acrylic paintings by Yago Hortel. I’m inspired by his use of vibrant colours and vivid brush strokes. It feels alive. The last set are high speed photographic images taken by Jim Kramer. He uses food colouring, water, and dish soap to capture the exact moment a droplet makes contact with the water’s surface. His work seems to perfectly capture the brief moment in which the water is suspended in such a way that you can see its distinct colours.

While each artist uses a different medium, they all resonate with me by the sheer way in which they play with and represent the vibrancy of colours and movement. It’s work like this that provides me with the little breather that I need…

Cradled #6277 | ©2012 - Jim KramerHappy Easter! #0030 | ©2012 - Jim Kramer

Aren’t they mesmerizing? What inspires you? Anyways, I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend. Happy Easter!

[Sources: 1) Alberto Seveso “A Due Colori”; 2) Yago Hortel; 3) Jim Kramer]