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My parents gave me and my husband a vintage dinner table set. It’s a round pedestal dining table with four chairs that have upholstered seats. Aside from that, I don’t know very much about it, but it’s been in our family for a number of years. But the original fabric is worn and dated and so I decided to freshen it up with some new fabric. Here’s the before shot. Apologies for the poor quality but I think it helps to show how dated it looks:

The upholstery was in fine condition. It was just the fabric that needed to be tossed. After hours of painstakingly pulling out all the staples and then stapling on the new fabric, here’s our new chair and closeup of the new fabric:

I’m what you would absolutely call a noob at upholstery, so here are some helpful tips I noted based on my experience:

  • Use a good quality staple gun. We had to hammer down every other staple and it drove me nuts (and probably my neighbours too).
  • Be mindful of how smooth the edges look as you’re pulling the fabric. I found that I was inconsistent with my pulling and my edges started to look uneven.
  • Take note of how the original fabric was folded in the corners to make your life easier.

The dining set looks much brighter now. However, I think it still looks quite traditional because the wood’s been stained in this dark-reddish tone. Who knows, maybe I’ll change the fabric again if it still looks too traditional. But for now, the goal is to repaint the chairs in a glossy white and re-stain the table, like this:

I think this will be one of those things that’ll stay on my to-do list for awhile because repainting and restaining sound absolutely daunting. Nonetheless, I’ll keep you all posted on my progress. Any tips or suggestions would also be greatly appreciated. :)

[Last image source: House Beautiful]