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  1. J. had a rugby in Kamloops so I, being the supportive wife I am, cheered from the sidelines.
  2. Drive home from Kamloops. Dramatic BC mountains sets the backdrop against a quiet, windy highway.
  3. Antiquing on Sunday where I found two campaign style dressers. They were too low for us, but I thought they had some charm.
  4. Brunch on Sunday. Scrambled eggs over biscuits and Kentucky burgoo. A gluttonous and comforting meal no doubt.
  5. Purchases from the Make It show: locally made jerk rub and matte gold pendant earrings from a local jewelry designer, Sarah Mulder. She has an etsy shop that I recommend you check out.
  6. Tried making black bean and chicken empanadas for the first time. The pastry turned out okay but the filling was a bit dry. I plan to play around with the recipe and eventually post it on here.