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Good morning! How was your weekend? What did you end up doing for Mother’s Day?

Well, you know how I described my mother as prudent and practical? This weekend really reflected that. It’s ironic, really. I’ve been spending the last three weeks creating different meals in honour of Mother’s Day. I had every intention to make one of the three for her this weekend. It turns out she had made dinner plans with a friend of hers so I insisted that I make her breakfast instead. “Breakfast? No, I want to sleep in,” was her answer. You see, my parents run a cute coffee shop 6 days a week and have to wake up at 6 AM everyday so her request was more than understandable. “What about lunch?” I asked. “Okay, but don’t make me lunch. It’s too much work,” she said. Instead, she wanted to go for ramen noodles at a small restaurant near our place. She just didn’t want to burden me with cooking. So that was our Mother’s Day: my mother is not sentimental and no meal was made in her honour, but her thoughtful and selfless character was once again affirmed.

Other than that, our weekend was pretty uneventful. It’s been incredibly beautiful out so we’ve been spending our time with friends on patios and balconies trying to soak up as much good weather as we can. It could rain at any moment in Vancouver. It’s like no one trusts the sun over here; like a flaky friend who shows up whenever it’s convenient for them. Anyways, here are a few snapshots of what we were up to.

Clockwise: [1] A picture of the puppy we texted my mom on Sunday morning. [2] A good quote by Marquez. [3] Afternoon Scrabble on our balcony.
[4] Sunny evenings aren’t complete without some barbecued hot dogs–say what you will about hot dogs, but I love them. [5] A quaint street we found while out and about. [6] Red velvet ice cream with coconut from Marble Slab.