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Good morning! How was your weekend? For us Canadians, we had our May long weekend which meant an extra day to be justifiably relaxed and lazy. J. has today off too, which inadvertently will mean that I do as well.

It wasn’t a very eventful weekend because the weather didn’t cooperate. But, it’s funny though: during the work week, we get caught up on work and trying to get enough sleep that it’s easy to lose touch. So for us, it was about catching up again. We spent time talking and enjoying each others company, which was a nice change of pace. I’m looking forward to having another day with him today and hopefully try to get a bit of work in too.

Clockwise from top:[1] Testing a recipe for Breakfast Banana Bread Pudding [2] The vibrant difference between a free range egg on the left and a factory-farmed egg on the right [3] Giant whimsical decorative cutlery at Urban Barn [4] Gin and Domino [5] Weekend snapshots wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the puppy [6] Dew, the morning after a heavy rainfall – I told you the sun is a flaky friend! [7] Pretty gem-like kernels on the corn we had at my parents place [8] Barbecue dinner with friends the one evening it was nice out.

Hope you had a great weekend! xo