About Me


I’m Jenny. I’m a 20-something-year-old graduate student living in the Vancouver area with my husband. Currently, I research video games and work as a teaching assistant at the local University.

This blog has become a place for me to tell stories and document recipes. I love making and eating all kinds of foods. Nothing fussy. Just easy, simple, delicious meals. You’ll also notice that I will often reuse ingredients (especially ones that I bought specifically for a particular meal). I don’t like to waste anything. Also, being a newlywed and a student, I’m frugal thrifty. I also sometimes take pictures of food (on dinnerware!) on my floor because it’s honestly one of the best places in our apartment that gets natural light. Just thought you should know.

Every once in awhile I may also post on other things that peak my interest like art and life. In essence though, the purpose of this blog is, as the name suggests, to provide a place for you and me to take a little breather from our busy schedules and seemingly unending list of responsibilities (and also in my case, from serious academic writing).

I hope you enjoy what I share in this little piece of the World Wide Web that I’ve occupied.

Cheers. xo


On a more serious and kind of awkward note… you’re welcome to use my images or re-post one of my recipes, so long as you give credit where credit is due. In other words, please link back to my blog if you reuse anything that I’ve posted. Thanks!

[Source for header image: All Things Stylish]


3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Jenny … looking forward to following your trip!

  2. you have so many great looking recipes. thanks for sharing them!

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